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Rue de la Hayette

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Go'West is a French brand created by Mr. and Mrs. Jean Guillemette in 1974 in Paris. At the time, a name had to be given to a collection of western-inspired boots.

Despite the difficulties and globalization, the brand still belongs to the same family.

We develop our models in France and have them made in the various partner factories in Mexico in the purest tradition: everything is made of leather, upper lining and sole (except for the "MOTO" boots) and the soles are sewn. according to the "GOOD YEAR WELT" process.

The brand is distributed by Sarl EUROPE-STYLE.

Our goal is to bring you a quality product with the best possible durability / price ratio.


Go’West, cowboy boots specialist since 1975, the leading French brand of cowboy boots and classic and western boots.

Importer from Spain then Mexico. Today, we are developing our own workshop for manufacturing cowboy boots, boots, lowboots and shoes in León, the footwear capital of the world as the Mexicans say.

Our boots and cowboy boots are now made by our own hands, using the best materials.

The term "santiags" is only used in France and has no literal translation in other languages. No other country, even French-speaking, uses this word.

We don't really know its origin. No manufacturer is called Santiago. No city where they are made is called Santiago.


Go'West boots are strong and their average life span is 8 years (with follow-up and proper maintenance). So 200 € divided by 8 years that makes an annual price of 25 €, which is an unbeatable price.

Our boots can be considered environmentally friendly, especially compared to the production of sneakers made from petroleum, which have a much shorter lifespan and almost impossible to repair.

On the other hand, today, no animal is slaughtered primarily for its skin but above all for its meat (except perhaps the Crocodile) so as much to use the leather to make boots.

Finally, the main pollution in the manufacture of our boots comes from leather tanneries, which are heavy consumers and pollute water. However, Mexicans have also become aware of this problem and are installing more and more water treatment plants downstream of tanneries.

So Santiag is a slang expression to express a western-inspired boot. So leave it alone !!!

A showroom between Paris and Reims

Located 90 km east of Paris, our showroom will offer you the experience, the quality, but also the stock of more than 400 models in different sizes, or around 10,000 pairs available.

The choice, the quality

Choosing a pair of Gowest, nothing could be simpler, whether it is during a visit to the showroom or even online, our boots & cowboy boots will be able to meet your satisfaction but also the comfort of your feet.

A 100% Western atmosphere

A style, a decor, take the opportunity to whet your appetite around a good traditional dish made from 100% local products, in our Gowest restaurant.

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